Running of the Bulls 2011…….San Fermin………Pamplona Spain

Tomorrow begins the San Fermin festival in Pamplona España(Spain) which is famous or infamous depending on how you look at it.

Most people around the world know the event as the “Running of the Bulls”. Every year it becomes more controversial as many animal rights activists campaign to stop this event as well as bullfighting in general in España,



I attended the event in 2002 and the spectacle is amazing to behold with one’s own eyes……I DID NOT RUN but nevertheless saw the

carnage up close and personal……


What is your opinion of this event?

Is it fairer to the bull than bullfighting?

If the bulls knew that people were going to be running with and taunting them along the route of the run do you think they would like to injure anyone who may be in their “line of sight?”

My favorite music……

It is much easier to write about my favorite type(s) of music instead of having to name favorite groups…..

My most favorite type of music is probably CLUB MUSIC…..this can cover many different genres …..I have listed the genres and some examples of artists who perform that particular type of music

Drum&Bass…. LTJ Bukem

Dub Step…… James Blake

Trip Hop…….Portishead

Hip Hip……Lil Wayne

Disco……The Zombie Kids, David Guetta


There are times when I still find myself looking for something a little harder with an edge to relieve the pressure of every day living and one of my favorite types of music to turn to is INDUSTRIAL music. My favorite in this genre is easy to name and the band is Nine Inch Nails from the U.S.

“Every Day Is Exactly the Same” by NIN One of my favorite bands……


Happy 4th of July

"Focs" Fourth of July

What is the importance of this day in the United States?

What relationship is there between the 4th of July and St. Juan?

The Bored Ninja FROM: The Bored Ninja

This guy keeps these pictures on his digital camera at all times. That way if he loses it, whoever finds the camera will get a funny story as well as directions on how to return the camera.