Top 3 FaVoriTe sCaRY mOViES?

For me it’s easy to answer this question

1. The Exorcist

2. The Ring

3. Hellraiser

These are my most memorable horror films and even today I find one of them disturbing to watch.

What is your favorite scary movie?

Why is it your favorite?

Describe the scenes from the film that are scary to you.


My Most Favorite Books

Favorite Books, Films, and Music

Books, Movies, Films, Music, share different types of “categories” called   “GENRES”

It is so difficult sometimes to remember out of the many books and publications one may read over their lifetime, and I after much thinking and rummaging through the memory vault,  have compiled a list of my top 10 books of all time including the author. My genres are mixed and cover a range from Horror, Science Fiction, Social Commentary, and Philosophy.

1. Do you have 10 favorite books that you can think of?……(Off hand)    If so,make your list and share.


My Top 10 Books of all time (so far)

  1. The Dark Tower(series)……Stephen King
  2. Dune (series)  …..James Herbert
  3. Think and Grow Rich..Napoleon Hill
  4. The Vampire Lestat ……..  Anne Rice 
  5. Weaveworld……..Clive Barker
  6. Atlas Shrugged……..Ayn Rand
  7. Greatest Salesman in the World…..   O.G. Mandino
  8. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…….. Douglas Adams.
  9. Tao Te Ching……Sun Tzu..
  10. Fire Next Time……..James Baldwin