This video is one of my favorites because it is very rich in word pictures that can be described and detailed in many ways.

The title of the video is simply……WORDS

List the verbs that the video is referring to in order:

What do you think the context is for every scene?

What scenes are the transitional scenes from one verb to another?


Meeting New People

Meeting New People

When meeting people for the first time no matter whether it is impromptu , spur of the moment, meetings, reunions, etc. you are always faced with having to talk to other people about yourself and themselves, and this is described as “small talking”.  To “Break the Ice” skilled speakers use the art of small talk to fill those awkward spaces of silence in these situations.

The series on the Art of Small Talking is by Debra Fine and is called “Fine Art of Talking”

The Art of Small Talk  (Audio Link)